What I Do

Business Owner, Business Mentor & Automation Tools Developer


E-commerce Trend

Business Strategy

People Development


Personal Branding

Training Courses

Automation Tools






Happy spending my time to these projects

Facebook Branding

Personal Branding Coach

Most people use facebook but very few people know how to build their personal brand properly and have long-term influence

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Business Mentorship Program

Business Mentor

Advising and supporting entrepreneurs to help them build a sustainable business

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Business Automation

Automation Tools Designer

Building business support and automation tools to free up time for entrepreneurs

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Starting career as a master in engineering, working long time in traditional work and then starting to build business from scratch. I understand the challenges of being an entrepreneur, as well as the necessity of owning a business to get the freedom of time and finance.

Most people use people to build business. But I believe that in building a sustainable career, we need to know how to use business as a tool to build people.

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